Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How I get my !@# to the gym. 
(A reminder to myself)

Thing one. I stopped making such a big deal out of it. 

I used to drag a big ungainly orange Speedo swimming bag because it made me feel more Sporty Spice and for some reason, I filled it up with a buncha gymmy stuff and dragged it back and forth. I dunno, like it had it's own deodorant and a hair brush and a swimming cap and just other nonsense. 

Now I have a little bag in which I shove my swim suit and a comb and that's it. 

And when my suit gets all dried out? It lives in it's bag in my car. So it's ready when I am. (Oh yeah, that's another thing. One-A. I try to go while I'm already in motion. Like after work. Or on my way to doing something else.) 

If I go to play on the machines? I wear what I'm going to wear. 

The gym is not located in outer Mongolia. It's 4.9 miles and/or 8 minutes away(depending on traffic which is currently: Not So Good.) I'm not going to be in any fashion shows on the way home. Duh=me. Goodbye orange bag. 

Thing Two. Sunday evenings, I check the menu of classes and I treat it like a menu and I pick some out and put them on the calendar. Fun ones. I need to keep my fun levels elevated. 

Thing three. Badditude adjustment. 

One time I was heading out and I said, okay I'm just gonna go knock this out and I'll be on to the next thing and then I'll be home. P said. Don't just 'knock it out'. You're supposed to enjoy it

Oh, said me. That makes a lot more sense. 


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