Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I've been distracted because I'm tryin' ta cure cancer. (That's how we talk in Chicagoland. I LOVE hearing people say: Game-ah-thrones.)

Why now. Well, that last blood draw? It sort of gacked me out pain-wise. She went very deep and harpoon-like into my arm with the needle and I dunno-I think it's because I haven't been poked in awhile-it kinda hit me in my stomach for the first time. 

Then, seeing this one man in the Cancer Center with some portion of his neck swaddled and him walking like a zombie. Then another man-with ochre skin. 

And then I remembered the title of the last book that doctor from Gilda's Club tossed in our direction(The End of Dieting-Dr. Joel Fuhrman.) and somehow that got right in front of me and I had to read it-and then I had to read all of his books and then I had to go on the hunt for a vegan cookie-and then I realized if something is vegan it doesn't mean it's good for ya-that's after dragging home an armload of books so the reading has been fast and furious and all over the place. 

This is more that I usually allow myself to take home. I usually stop at 5. 

Most interesting: There's a new crop of beauty books-I like to read those. Every since my Mah called us down from upstairs to watch Vidal Sassoon on Phil Donahue(Did anyone else's Mom do that?)-the transformation delights and astounds me and that doesn't happen often enough-but these new 'beauty from the outside in' sort of books? I haven't side by side compared them exactly? But I'm almost certain they're based on the exact same (anti-cancer)foods. Crazediculous, no? 

Todays' breakfast was from Dr. Fuhrman's books, it looked prettier before it hit the microwave. So here's the before: 

and the after: 

And the recipe(if you're interested).

I've been starting to talk to people about this. Actually one person I have been massaging for a while now-we were talking about diets or something and I said, okay so, you know I had cancer, right? Her eyes pop open. WHAT? I say, yeah. No big deal. It's all over.(You have to reassure people when you have this sort of conversation. Go figya.) She asks, what kind of cancer? I say well, colon and then thyroid. And she said YOU BEAT COLON CANCER? Like this is the Most Magnificent Thing and with my hands covered in gloppy massage goo I say, well, uhhh I'm still here, right? 

WHOA she says. 

Yeah, huh? I say. 

And she goes on to say her mother died from colon cancer after battling it for 12 years. And I say, I am really sorry. That is horrendous. And her next question: Are you making your boyfriend do the diet too?

I thought it was funny. Like I have a bunch of broccoli and an uzi submachine gun and I'm not afraid to use them. 

Four things I think are quite stupendous

Thing one. This milk. 

 (Actually my dermatologist recommended this stuff.) 

Thing three. This documentary. Please watch it.

And this dog. 

She's 17. The other night I had her out? She decided to run and she also decided I needed to run so here's this 38 pound dog flying down the street with me attached. 

It was a thing to behold. I tay ya.

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