Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Don’t Let Fear of Cancer Recurrence Ruin Your Life or Threaten Your Health"

It was Thursday morning. I was working. My phone was in the desk drawer. There was a message. It said: MISSED CALL-LOYOLA. 

Here's me: HOLY 


I didn't say it. I just thought it. I had JUST had that ultrasound on my neck and the tech said the doc would have the results the next day and I didn't get any kind of emailed report so here was this message and that had to be bad, didn't it? They don't call if it isn't extremely serious. 

I walk around for about five or seven minutes because it is not the appropriate time to be making personal calls. My eyes are like 2 half moons. The top half. Unusually wide open. 

Blink blink. 

I look over to my co-worker. Can't say anything to her. Her Mom died from cancer just moments ago. Okay months. Maybe more than 12 even. But it's not enough time to increase her burden. 

Take a moment, pull it together, tap the message, get ready...

It's from Loyola. The fitness part. It's about the pool closing. Oh oh oh oh. ya think to yourself. Oh-verreaction.

Where is the cure for that?
I filled cups of water for Loyola's 5k at the zoo today. To support pediatric cancer research. Everyone was exceptionally kind to me as a former frequent flyer(?)and I ended up filling cups and cheering for runners with a cheerful crowd of people. Win win win win win. 

I texted this to my professionally funny friend who was also a visitor to Cancertown around the same time as me. 

We get a day?!? she wrote. 
Yeah, texted me. It was on my Dad's calendar. 
We shouldn't have to go to work, said she. 
A parade would be nice, said me. 

Then we lol-ed till the cows came home. 


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