Monday, June 26, 2017

Isn't this a fabulous outfit? Wow. 

Sorry-a bit off track there. Where was I/oh yeah/cookies. How could I leave you without cookies? 

I apologize. I had an ear thing and then I had a sore throat thing and then I wore my sorry ass out galavanting and then I've been getting ready for the possibility of my death(OhAnn) so I've been crazybusy. That's one word. 

I'm calling them Einsteins. Because they look a little bit like Albert Einstein's head. Kind of. 

This is the before. I don't know why I thought it was important that you see this, but here it is. 

And here's the after: (Note expansive counter space. I got my balancing skills on 73rd St in Manhattan.)

You can double the recipe. I did not. Not since that peanut butter/chocolate chip/garbanzo bean disaster of a nightmarish error. First time out-I go small. 

1 cup raw cashews
1 organic lemon juiced and zested
1 and 1/2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut plus extra for rolling. 
1/2 cup dates pitted

And that's it.

Put the cashews into your magical baby food processor that you're no longer scared of and process them into a fine powder. Add lemon juice, lemon zest, coconut, dates and process until it gets thick and moist. 

Using your hands, roll them into small balls, roll the balls in the extra coconut and put them into the freezer until they freeze. 

They are really good. I have no motivation to lie. And NEXT, I'm gonna try almost the exact same thing only no lemon-yes some vanilla and yes some of those cacao chocolate chips. Will that not be fantastic? I believe that it will.

(I think they're about 80 calories a go for those that are counting.)

Other things.

This is not earth shattering unless you haven't thought of it yet. It's a cantaloupe chopped up into open-the-fridge-door-and-get-something-to-eat size pieces. Also available in watermelon. 


Another thing. Marilyn showed this to me. And today, I added it to a whole wheat tortilla that had some hummus and tomatoes and cucumbers on it. Big flavor. Nice.

If you're looking for it? It's near the sushi. Not by the salad. Go figya. 


Uhh what else. Well I'm distracted because of the surgery. I have to get everything cleaned up and seriously organized and I keep getting near these conversations where I'll drift away in my head thinking, Is this the way you wanted to spend your life? That's not a very cool/fun person to be around, is it? Oh except for this. This is magnificent. 

Okay so, Lindsay and I went to the American Library Association Annual Convention and I believe we walked for nearly six hours with two little breaks-it was CRAZY. We came upon the virtual reality booth and I stepped up because I have to try, don't I? (I was a little worried that I'd get dizzy or something but I was okay.) Anyway, I got all suited up and suddenly I was in outer space and then an elephant was sniffing me and I was standing in the back of a canoe and then a dinosaur wanted to meet me. I was really enjoying it. Super cool. And then a basketball player was(for lack of a better word)charging me. Is that a basketball term? Like he was full force driving his whole basketball dribbling soul into my universe and REALLY LOUD I shouted SHIT! 

It was at that very moment I remembered I was at a professional event and that's when Lindz got this shot. 


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