Monday, July 31, 2017

Bells are Ringing

I couldn't find my shoe this morning. Do you know I was back at work only 20 days after having been sliced open? That's pretty impressive, no? 

On Sunday afternoon, I e-mailed my Primary Care. I wanted to give him some heads up about why I was going for this appointment and the appointments are only set for 15 minutes, so you cannot waste time. I also purposely waited till I was in the calmest state known to man. I'm not trying to fight here. I'm trying to live a little bit longer. 

This is what I wrote:

I have an appointment with you on Tuesday, Aug 1st at 9:15. If it's not too annoying to ask, could you look over the results of my June 6th cat scan? I saw The HEMATOLOGIST  on Friday thinking she had called me in to discuss it(I mean the cirrhosis and the cholecystitis is seriously alarming to me)but she had not. I'll need a referral to what she called 'a liver doctor' and I'd like to discuss seeing a different hematologist as well. 
Hope this finds you swell.

-Ann Farrell

Went back to work this morning. Oh Emmm Geee I was so happy to see my pals and all the demanding ("I think YOU need glasses", the patron said. Heh.) people were fantastic and just the entire swirl. Pure Joy. 

Got home, needed a bit of a recline. My rectus abdominis seems to enjoy a little pain at the moment-nothing brutal-many people suffer more every moment of every day. 

My email flashed with a new message from Loyola. It was from my Primary Care. (Is this cool to reproduce someone else email? If it's not I'll take it down.)


We can definitely discuss all of that tomorrow. Based on the report from the CT scan, seeing a liver doctor (hepatologist) does seem like a good idea. The imaging is only suggesting a diagnosis, not definitive in the way they worded it, but it does warrant a specialist's input. We can talk more tomorrow, and we'll figure out the next steps. We can talk about other hematologists, as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a message via myLoyola or call my office any time.

Thanks for being my eternal groupie,
Your Primary Care

(Okay I made that last thing up. Low on jocularity lately, no?) 

So okay. I am breathing again, right? So I'm just sorta crashed on my bed and the phone rings and it's Loyola and guess who it is? The Hematologist. And for some reason I didn't get up. And I wish that I had, but I didn't. So this whole thing took place with me flat on my back. And that is not a good sparring position. 

So it's her and she's calling to see if anyone has called me about scheduling the Ultrasound. Remember, she ordered that last thing on Friday and here it is 4:30 on Monday and She's Just Checking.(uh huh) And the answer is no. And as our elementary school custodian Ralph Benning used to say-tell you the God honest truth-I wasn't thinking about it. 

She goes on to ask if I've been able to make an appointment with my Primary Care. I say, yes on Tuesday morning. And did I want her to go ahead and followup with the Ultrasound order because she sees in my email that I have requested a new hematologist. 

P was incensed. What that meant was, she had gone into my records and read my Sunday email to the Primary Care. He feels like that was a wrong thing to do. To read my email and call me and not mention that she'd read it until the conversation is almost done. 

Two things I have learned about the emailing your doctor thing. 1. There is NO guarantee that they're going to read it in a timely manner. They're doctors. They're doctoring. If it's something you need right away? Get on the phone. 

2. Anyone can read them. Lotsa times I'd drop a line to a doctor and hear back from a nurse. 

And thing 3 which is totally unrelated, I listened to another Dear Sugars episode yesterday and there  was some bit about having to Have The Conversation. And I HATE Having The Conversation. I seriously do. 

But even in my state of recline, I had the confrontation. I said, look, we seem to be having some kind of communication problem. We were left alone in the room for 35 minutes and you weren't prepared for the appointment. 

I didn't even know about the cat scan, she countered. 

(And I'll interject here from the perspective of a massage therapist? Before you come in? We're reading over your notes. That's the gig.)

Yeah well, you called me in. 
No I didn't.
Your nurse called and said you wanted to see me.
She said something. I can't quote her now because it wouldn't be accurate but I believe she felt as if that was not true. 

And I said, I want to talk to Dr. Primary Care about my hematology expectations because I don't think they're being met. 

So, did I want her to go ahead and call again about the Ultrasound. That's what I'm waiting for, said me. 


Primary Care at 9:15. Ultrasound at 3:30. No food eight hours before. Woo.

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