Friday, July 21, 2017


Did I mention that I had to get tied down in recovery? Uh huh. I guess when I was coming out of the anesthesia, I decided it was time for me to go home and the nurse told me I was fighting her and ooh, I said, sorry about that, but internally I was like, heh heh heh cool. Good to know there's some fight left inside.

I woke up to an extremely nice room. Like The Hilton or a very good Holiday Inn or something. All by myself and no god forsaken beeping from the pole. (Do you remember that from last time? When they got mad because I was shutting off the beep myself?) These nurses seriously hustled. And with one exception they were so nice and if anything I over-thanked them because that's how it should be.  

They were pretty strict about ordering breakfast like, come on. Order something. So, I exhibited Very Good Behavior and ordered spinach and mushroom omelettes with whole wheat english muffins and ate about half. 

The one cranky nurse got off on the wrong foot with me when her opener was something about how she wasn't going to let me just lay around in bed all day and that I had to get out and walk. Oh really? I thought to myself. 

But people say stupid things to ya all the time, don't they. I'm starting to notice it more and more. Maybe the thing to do is learn how to shake them off or to swing offa them until they get you to the next lily pad.  

Here's the craziest thing. Along with the cranky nurse, I seem to have been assigned a special student nurse and she was SO cool. Like the cranky nurse would be saying something random and I'd lock eyes with the student nurse and we'd both be like, uh-huh?!?!?!?!?!?

We just sort of hung out and blabbed and I did my very very best to encourage her as a person-not that she needed my help. No siree Bob. She took me for a stroll. I felt kinda extra fortunate like I got the cool tutor who takes you for ice cream or something. 

Now I'll always know the room I had. The one behind the flag.

Today is the day to get the hardware out. There are 14 big staples running down my belly. My cousin called them bling. 
: ) First, I thought there were 13 and that mystified me-if you were going for 13 why wouldn't you go for 14? But I counted bottom to top and I felt better. 

I intended on having a nice list of questions for the surgeon but I can't think of anything right now. Here's one: How do I never end up in this position again? 

How do I feel? I'm not having that screaming pain that I was getting at first when I shifted positions. After I walk, I've been using an ice pack because I still feel a sort of a burning but I stopped the official pain pills a few days ago because I don't need jet engine fuel running through me while I'm stuck here in park. 

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and stuff. Have a happy day. 

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