Sunday, July 16, 2017

They sprung me on Saturday. 

I had my Get Well balloon and my Smiley face balloon, a card from Marilyn, and half the sandwich from my lunch, and a red jello and a can of Diet Shasta Ginger Ale and some sorta stuff that's supposed to clean your hair without shampooing and one of those plastic lung clearing blowing things and instructions and 2 prescriptions. I asked the woman that was pushing my wheelchair if we could wait for my ride outside(instead of inside)and it was so funny how she maneuvered the wheelchair so that she got to sit down too. 

We got home and P grabbed all the crap and I started up the three flights. I had to stop and rest a bunch of times but I made it and Grantley was SO happy to see me she rubbed her whole self against my leg. 

I think I went straight to the bed and became one with the mattress. Then I realized there was no way I could get up. Quite a few times-in the last day or two-I've thought about upside down turtles because just for the moment I've turned into one. 

P had to come and help me figure out how to get up. Any big movement currently comes with a string of guttural grunts that I've never heard come out of me before. Sometimes it's a string of three F's but the coolest ones are when I don't realize I'm about to really hurt myself. 

With all the arsing around, P didn't leave for the pharmacy 'till 5:00. We weren't even thinking that it was Saturday and that pharmacies close early on Saturdays. SO. Saturday night? No pain pills. 

Hmmm, thought me. If I could just stay still, I'll probably be fine but you know I couldn't sleep properly because I had pain but I was trying to be realistic about it and I held on to the fact that the Jewel pharmacy opened at 9:30 and by 10:00 all would be swell, right?

Despite having the prescription handed in at 9:30ish, I didn't score the pills till way late in the afternoon. There was an issue that a resident signed the prescription instead of the attending? And to our pharmacist and the rules of the Jewel, she couldn't dispense the pills. 

I thought it was quite ridiculous. I mean, she knows us. And did she not realize that these were pills for pain that was actively happening? Cripes. But I made phone calls and I was about to make a second round of calls when my surgeon rang me up and while checking on my status, he took on the whole drama himself. He said he thinks it's the only pharmacy in the state of Illinois that follows that rule. He is Really Nice and Non-Ridiculous.

I decided to walk over there myself looking like a compete wizzlebeast and if she gave me further drama about it-well, I just didn't think that she would. So, we walked on over there. Slowly. 

And I admired my newly elevated levels of badassitude. 

Uh huh. 

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