Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Pain Thing

When you go to bed with a wet head. 

I had been doing pretty astonishingly well, I thought. I am watching the scar go down amazingly fast (the surgeon said I was easily a week ahead in terms of healing) as I take photos of it to send to my cousin. Scars don't scare her. 

Then I ate this giant bowl of soup that a normal person probably could have gone swimming in(it was so good) after having eaten a giant bowl of pasta salad earlier in the day and I got this pain that slammed me to the mattress. What is it on the pain scale? asked P. 


I've never heard you say that before. 


I put heat on it and took a hot shower and did some massaging and took some over-the- counter pain things and pulled my shit together because I had to be at work. 

This book crossed my path. 

When a clown was a clown. 


People post their migraine forecasts on Facebook all the time. Does it make you feel better-I wonder. Or is it like a warning? Don't expect too much outta me today. For me, I don't want anyone saying,"I'm sorry." because my head fills in with something like, "you're such a loser/whining-complainer/other people have it way worse/shut up already." I want something more like: Rage, rage against the dying of the light but that's really quite a lot to ask-ha!-and I don't think my light is actually dying at the speed that's worth mentioning at this time, so I say nothing-with one exception. 

I e a friend. 

Good grief, she says. How is it today? 

That and a hot pre-sleep shower and the afterglow of taking two blue sleeping aspirins make me feel better.

Party on Garth. Party on Wayne. 


This is a nice article. Oui?

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