Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Somewhere between this, 

(who says I'm not making art?)

and this, 

I thought to myself, whoa. 
Who's cart is this

That's not a potted plant. That's KALE for God sakes. 

But then there was this*. 

And I thought okay, yeah. Phew. 

*this is not my photograph. 
I ate mine so fast that the poor
 thing didn't have a chance, however I did get a small and I did pre-log it so I knew exactly what I was getting into and it was 
Worth. It. 
(also I got an Original Rainbow Cone t-shirt. #winning)

Food Things I Know That I Can Share At This Moment

And before I say anything, you should know that I am completely open to suggestions. If I can do something better, I'm all over it. Please/thank you in advance er whadever. Except for smoothie recipes. For the love of Pete, do not begin reciting your smoothie recipe in my face. I want my colon to experience every spinach frond and celery string available. Remember how this blog started? Yeah. Colon cancer. Yay roughage.  Nuff said. 

I've logged every morsel on myfitnesspal.com for exactly 60 days now. I thought that would be hard. It was actually kinda fun-because-at the end of the day you might have some spares and you get to spend them(green olives and cherry tomatoes anyone?) which is entertaining. Not like I wasn't on my phone anyway, right? 

For breakfast, I eat plain old Cheerios.(I did pick the box with Ellen on it because that's the sort of person I am.)  I know, I could be handcrafting overnight oats and I'm not saying I won't(I just saw a recipe for German Chocolate Overnight Oats. Hmmmm.)but I measure my Cheerios and if I have them, I put some blueberries on top. We were eating those Ancient Grains Cheerios but they are almost 5 bucks a box and I'm cool with the regular ones at the moment. With coconut milk because I like it. 

Sometimes if I'm feeling extra hungry, I peel a banana and cut it in half and then spilt it like a sandwich and I put a teaspoon of peanut butter on it. P eats the other half. No big thang. 

Lunch. I learned this from Super Trainer to The Stars-Nicole Capone Brainerd at Loyola Center for Fitness

It's called Food Prep and it is not for the overachievers among us. 

Bottom view. 1/3 cup of quinoa, 1/3 pack pre-grilled, pre-cut, prepared chicken(because on Sunday night there's no way I'm going to spend my precious time pushing chicken around a pan) from Aldi, couple of decorative black olives, butter lettuce because I like it and some spinach leaves. Done. You make a bunch of these on Sunday(just kerplunk the stuff in the dollar store tupperware) and what you'll be having for lunch is already figured out. 

Today, I added some cucumbers and usually, at the last minute before I leave the house, I add some tomatoes because refrigerated tomatoes are gross and a teeny teeny bit of French Picnic Salt, eventho we just learned that salt is an inflammatory which earns you a frowny face.

Okay this stuff:

Accidental family portrait. 

I found out about this stuff from Marilyn who should be a postergal for Weight Watchers. It's known as 'Triple Zero' yogurt because it has 15 g's of protein and no fat and no artificial sweeteners and no added sugars. 

Marilyn adds in some almonds. I do too. Raw ones. Like 8 of them. Those babies add up. 

So far, I like the Salted Caramel one the best. I got way too excited about the chocolate one because that is my life at the moment. ha ha ha. 

The food group known as Cookies

I learned about these from Chris at the gym and now I have a Serious Problem keeping them in stock. She says I will tire of them. She just met me. ha ha ha. 

They are from Aldi(ya know, I just realized the most important joy of Aldi and that is-there's no bakery or end caps temping you with the food of the devil. There are no choices really. If you can get past the candy and the chips which takes 3 seconds? You're pretty okay.)and they taste like a cross between Oreos and brownies. (okay maybe I'm using my imagination a little bit). 

I had to open these for display purposes. And then eat them. 

Results thus far:
I've lost enough weight that the doctors are asking me if I have lost weight on purpose and when I say yes, they smile. 

I think that's a sort of a non-scale/scale victory, considering everything. Right? 

Last story. 

Last night P was watching Criminal Minds-a show that gives me bad dreams so I was kinda half-watching and also cruising through a bunch of books. This one seems reasonably intelligent and it's got some options in it. 

Hello thumb. 

And I get to this page and I don't read it like, Artichokes, Baby. I read it like Artichokes, Baby.

Uhh, Yo. VIP. Let's kick it. 

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