Friday, May 18, 2018

I did a lot of cancering this week but not doctors appointments for a change. (Tanks Be To Jezuz. A week off from that.) I went to a talk about nutrition at Wellness House in Hinsdale. I had a big, long-can't say anything more about it because I signed a paper that I wouldn't-interview about cancer stuff in glorious Chicago. And I danced around like a coocoo bird at Gilda's Club in front of one of the Chicago White Sox playas. 

(Thank goodness I did all that Zumba-ing so I had a little bit of a groove-thang going on. That stuff dries up, ya know.  Also-am I too old to dance to this?  Somebody would tell me, right?*)

I was supposed to do even one more cancer thing(I know.) but I had to crap out, because my tires got ugly and had to be replaced and I am doing some serious running around lately and I cannot afford a breakdown, ya know what I'm sayin'? So, I missed the female Beastie Boys cover band which was a gigantic bummer but could not be helped. 

I learned a lot. I stayed in motion. I represented. I was surprised by my own depth of cancer trivia expertise and corresponding fury and my spine felt So Good from the jiggley parts of Zumba on Thursday night. 

Who knew.

There was one thing.

Tuesday, after working Really Hard All Day(I like working really hard. I sleep good.), I drove something like an hour and a half to get to Wellness House but I have a new interest in the topic because this blood cancer thang-I don't know anybody that has it(which frightened me a little bit) and this presentation offered to tell you this:

So, okay. I get there. And good lawd have mercy there are snacks on the table. I don't think I've even been that happy to see a fruit plate and it was a happy one as well! And fresh coffee. And a coconut chocolate chunk cookie and popcorn! 

Whoa, huh? All my favorite things. 
Look! A mercy carrot! 

So before the featured speaker-which was a pretty cool doctor/nutrition person from Cancer Centers of America(A place that one of my neighbors-a long time ago-marched up to me and said if THEY had cancer that's where THEY'D go and you know, what greater gift can you hand someone than a dollop of uncertainty when you clearly have no expertise in the field but ya know, whatever, a-hole)-there was another presenter who had actually coughed up the snackages. I liked her already.

She goes on to say, that there are many many many resources(and here she is indicating money) available to people with that particular strain of blood cancer (I won't say what it is but it starts with an L and I don't think I qualify.) but
(!) she continues: This is not for people who only make $7000 a year. Or people who are about to lose their house. 

I was like


I mean what does THAT have to do with anything? And hey, have you checked the tax returns of all of the people in your audience? A cancer person can EASILY have a year or series of years where they earn minor tiddley-winkage. Some people take an entire year off from working just to get back to better. For me? That person is both brave and heroic for even getting out of bed, let alone having to listen to that flavor of nonsense from a person who's lived their entire life under a west suburban shrub. 

The smug. 

I can barely stand them. 

The next day, I got a strange call from Wellness House. There had been some sort of error in information release and they just wanted to let me know and I was like, ya know what? Now that I have you on the line? Let's have a word about that woman calling out people who are losing their houses, shall we? 

I fought the smug. 

I won. 


*never tell me. 

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