Sunday, May 13, 2018

This week was rough.

For you, too?

And then this happened: 

Yeah, laundry. Did you know I haven't done a stitch of laundry in maybe like three entire years? Uh-huh. Crazy, right? It just shows me exactly how much care my caregiver was givin'-ya know what I mean? Kah-ray-zee. 

We even had a chat-a long time ago-with one of the surgeons who told us that he was also the designated laundry do-er in his household. He picked that job strategically, because he figured cleaning the bathroom was a job that never actually got finished. 

Here's me: a surgeon has to do laundry?!?! 

Well, Saturday was time for me to get back into the laundry saddle and ya know what? Aside from dragging it up and down three flights? I don't hate it and personally and quite frankly, in this case it's a sign of life. 

So, we made a night of it. Pulled out all the stops. 

That's right. Taco Bell. 

Aaaaand. Tasty Freeze. 

In glorious Berwyn. 


It was a good opportunity to realize that even after all of this, we still like each other. What could be sweeter than that?

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